Kings Way Nursery

We are privileged to welcome you to Kings Way Nursery school. It is a home for your young children aged between 2 ½ to 6 (six) years.  Kings Way Nursery School shares the entrance with Kings Way Primary School. This proximity makes it convenient for parents who bring their children to the Primary school, take an advantage to have their young ones enrolled under the same school.
Kings Way Nursery School has produced fruitful students since it started in 2001 under the Primary School.
Now that it is independent, it makes it easy to have your little ones enjoy indoor and out door activities, games and sports, swimming lessons and music to supplement academic programs.
All these activities are trained and supervised by our staff.
The children are our potential customers and immediate supervisors; all that we do is to consider their rights and needs.
We do not only foster their first academic experience but also develop self confidence, freedom of expression, develop their talents and have a free and conducive learning environment.

Bring your child to be enrolled under our academic program as follows.
Reception 2 1/2 years to 3years.

Baby class 3 to 4 years.

Middle class 4 to 5 years

Top class 5 to 6 years.

With our committed and self motivated staff, Kings Way Nursery School allows Children to have a privilege of learning how to read and exploring the best in early childhood education.
This is done through exposure to reading materials prepared by our teaching staff, real objects with in the locality and well stocked reading library.
With this exposure therefore, our pupils are able to read first stage reading books, count and write numbers, express themselves, answer oral questions with confidence before joining Primary one.

King Way Nursery School conducts activities like birthday celebrations, cultural days, picnics, graduation ceremonies and sports days which enrich learners with skills and knowledge as well as managing physical fitness and socialization.

The entire school environment is well developed with good facilities like water borne toilets, play areas which are well equipped to foster socialization and general learning.
Other services like transport and after school care are well catered for to meet the modern patterns of school life.