Welcome To Kings Way High School

We take this opportunity to welcome you to our website, We are also glad that you have taken keen interest in finding out and knowing more about Kingsway High School. There is no doubt; you won’t go wrong finding more about us.
Dear readers, our philosophy is a very simple, yet vitally very important, namely, to give an excellent all-round education to our students, but most importantly, encouraging academic excellence, the core value for which children are sent to school.
Our children are our most precious possessions, hence, as administration, together with our team of dedicated and enthusiastic teachers, we were able to put in place an enriches academics programme that runs from senior one to senior six.
With the mutual support from our parents therefore, we’ve been able to achieve our two fold aim of educating girls and boys for life and maintaining the ethos and high standards of Kings Way High School.
We thank you all members who have been instrumental in making our school a reality and supported us in educating a God fearing generation.