Registration and Term One 2018


This is a new year 2018 and at Kings Way Schools we continue to Educate for development. To our dear parents we congratulate you for completing the year 2017 and thank God for that milestone. We thank you for Continued support by trusting Us with your Children. Its is now a new year that we call upon you to continue supporting us by giving us more children. Therefore we are still admitting new pupils/Students at all our campuses, i.e Nursery, primary and secondary. and First term 2018 is opening on 5th Feb 2018. Keep posted on all our social networks. EDUCATION FOR DEVELOPMENT.




School Fees Payment System

Fees Payments made easy at Kingsway P/S, the school has taken a step of using a new technologically advanced system of paying /depositing school fees with a stress free. You can Download Guidelines Here. We look Forward to having you on Board.
The payments will be done using a pupil’s assigned unique identifying number (CODE) which has been issued by the school. This system works with centenary bank by paying using either the number/code or the mobile phone (MTN mobile money or Airtel money).
Procedure for paying school fees using the student’s code/number;
The parent /guardian presents the pupils code number issued by the school to the teller in the bank and the money only (No bank slip needed).
The teller searches the bank system and asks for the confirmation of the name
After the transaction is made the teller issues/gives you the receipt indicating the amount deposited/paid.
The bank receipt will be presented to the school bursar on reporting day and be issued/given a school receipt.
Procedure for paying fees using mobile money platform.
Kingsway primary school fees payments have been brought closer to your mobile phone by using either MTN Mobile Money or Airtel money.
Dial *185#
Select option 4: Payment
Select Option 3: School Fees
Reply with 00 to go to next page
Select option 11: School pay
Select option 1: Pay fees
Enter student’s/pupils number/code (his/her name will appear)
Enter amount to be paid.
Enter you pin number to complete the transaction.
Dial *185#
Select option 5: Payment
Select option 4: Schools
Select option 1 School pay
Enter students/ Pupils number/ code (His/her name will appear)
Enter Amount to be paid
Enter your PIN number to complete the transaction
i) The number/code of your child has been attached to the report card
ii) Please go with/take the students’/pupils number, to the bank and get a receipt after depositing/paying
iii) If you cannot trace the student’s number /code Please contact the school administration for assistance.